NEW HVAC Installation results in Texas

Fuse present our latest HVAC system installation in University Park, Texas, featuring the Mitsubishi S Series.

Key Components of the Mitsubishi S Series HVAC System

Mitsubishi S Series Outdoor Unit: PUMY-P48NKMU3

The Mitsubishi S Series outdoor unit, model PUMY-P48NKMU3, is a high-performance and energy-efficient component of the system. With its advanced technology, this unit ensures reliable cooling and heating, delivering optimal comfort throughout the year.

Mitsubishi S Series Indoor Unit: Multi-Position Air Handler PVFY-P48NAMU-E1

The Mitsubishi S Series indoor unit, model PVFY-P48NAMU-E1, seamlessly complements the outdoor unit. This versatile multi-position air handler allows for flexible installation options, ensuring efficient air distribution and personalized comfort in every area of your home.

Controls and Accessories

To provide convenient control and enhance the user experience, we have incorporated the Mitsubishi Wireless Programmable RedLINK Thermostat & Receiver Kit. This intuitive thermostat enables easy temperature adjustments and the creation of customized schedules for optimal comfort and energy savings. Additionally, the system is accompanied by the Mitsubishi Kumo cloud Wi-Fi module, allowing remote access and control of your HVAC system through your smartphone or other smart devices.

With the Mitsubishi S Series HVAC system, we have created an unparalleled solution that guarantees elevated comfort and precise control for your University Park home. The combination of the powerful outdoor unit, versatile indoor unit, and advanced controls ensures efficient and reliable performance year-round. Whether it’s cooling during scorching summers or heating during chilly winters, this system is designed to meet and exceed your comfort needs.

Experience the ultimate in home comfort with the Mitsubishi S Series HVAC system in University Park, Texas. With its powerful outdoor unit, versatile indoor unit, and advanced controls, this system delivers unmatched performance and precise control. Trust Fuse for expert guidance and assistance in upgrading to the Mitsubishi S Series, and enjoy a new level of comfort in your home. Contact us today to discover the exceptional benefits of this cutting-edge HVAC system.

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