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Any equipment, just like your car, requires regular inspection and maintenance. You regularly change the oil, plugs, brake pads, etc. in your car, so your HVAC equipment also requires the same care and attention for smooth, durable, and correct operation.

What Will I Get Doing Regular Maintenance?

Reduction of Energy Consumption & Lower Energy Bills

The steps that are included in preventative maintenance will thoroughly test, inspect and clean the various parts of your HVAC system. Doing this will, you can make sure that your HVAC system is not overworked. An overworked system will consume more energy and therefore result in higher utility bills. Performing routine preventive maintenance will help to keep your energy bills down. With the expertise of an HVAC professional, your system will be running at peak efficiency for longer.

Extend the Life of Your Unit

When you practice proper HVAC maintenance, you’ll extend the life of your HVAC system. Buying a new system is a significant expense for any company.. Proper preventive maintenance can keep your unit running its best for longer, so you can put off buying a new one until it’s absolutely necessary.

Avoid Costly Repairs

Preventive maintenance helps you catch issues with your HVAC system early. When you’re regularly checking the status of your HVAC unit, you can identify warning signs of malfunction and fix them before they require a more expensive solution.

Fulfillment of Warranty Requirements

If your HVAC parts are still under warranty, then you should know that many manufacturers require evidence of yearly maintenance in order to pay out a claim. When you invest in regular HVAC maintenance, you’re essentially giving yourself an insurance policy.

Improvement of the Air Quality And For Proper Airflow

An HVAC system that’s running at optimal efficiency will ensure that you have better air quality in your office. Part of the purpose of your HVAC system is to filter pollutants out of the air that you and your co-workers breathe.
The technician will look for and remove any blockages that impede air circulation. A clean AC coil or heat pump is also going to provide you with a healthier work space.


If you are using a gas furnace, it’s always important to be aware of the risk of carbon monoxide leaking into your air. This could be a life-threatening problem and could put you, your employees, and your customers in danger. Regular inspection can allow you to discover cracks or evidence of leaks so you can have a contractor fix this dangerous issue right away.

How Often Should I Do Preventative Maintenance?

We recommend that you have your HVAC unit professionally maintained twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall, when the weather is temperate, which means any sort of repair won’t be as disruptive as it will be in the middle of summer or winter.

This includes systems such as furnaces or standard central ACs. If you use a heat pump system year-round though, you will need to schedule an HVAC service for it every 6 months.

The age and condition of your HVAC system will impact the frequency of maintenance.

What Does Standard Preventative Maintenance Check Include?

  • Capacitors inspection (or replacing if required).
  • Carbon monoxide inspection.
  • Check for gas leaks and flue gas passageways.
  • Checking all limit switches.
  • Checking drain lines for proper flow and clear clogs (drain line cleaning not included).
  • Checking gas pressure.
  • Checking motor operations and lubricating motors bearing and moving parts.
  • Cleaning contaminations.
  • Cleaning or replacing air filters (filters of all sizes up to MERV8 are included).
  • Condenser coil cleaning.
  • Freon charge check (checking refrigerant pressure) (if required).
  • Fuses replace (if required).
  • Inspect cabinet for leaks and check cabinet door for secure closure.
    Inspect ignition burner assembly.
  • Inspecting combustion.
  • Inspecting fan motors, blowers and blades for proper airflow.
  • Inspecting relay and contactors.
  • Replacing worn-out belts and pulleys.
  • Test thermostat and controls to make sure temperatures and timer functions are correctly set.
  • Verifying amperage and inspecting electrical components and connections as well as replacing batteries.
  • Visual inspection of all system elements.

*Your particular brand of HVAC system also makes a difference, as your manufacturer may have specific maintenance tasks outlined in your unit’s literature.

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How Does A Customer Understand What Is Going Wrong?

We use a checklist during our inspection and we’ll make a note so you can decide in advance if/when to make the repair. You can have these checklists as guiding tools to know what to expect from a professional who does the technical work for you, as well as adjusting what you want to do based on your considerations. Many times we spot issues when they are small, which prevents a larger repair later. We share a copy of the checklist and our findings with you and keep them on file.

What Advantages Do Fuse Membership Holders Have?

  • Scheduled HVAC maintenance and priority service on their equipment – we aim for same-day service when possible. Your personal manager will call on time and remind you to schedule the maintenance visit.
  • Our Fuse Membership can be paid out monthly with a credit card or annually. HVAC maintenance could help you significantly cut your operational costs. You might be able to do that for monthly service plans for rates as low as $21,66 up to $30. It can be a great option for a Property Management to ensure their tenants are properly maintaining their building’s HVAC equipment. This cost could cover two times of tune-ups, cleaning, and system calibration if done annually.
  • It’s important to note that Fuse Membership participants receive discounts on any repairs – 15 % Discount for repair or any additional service, if such is required.
  • Also we offer a year-long guarantee that covers all of the repair jobs we do.
  • Dedicated technician.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: If you’re not fully satisfied, let us know and we’ll make it right.
  • Our technicians are licensed for HVAC, electrical, plumbing, refrigerator, and appliance repair. You don’t need to call different contractors for each problem. You just need to make a single call to us!
  • We have partnerships with numerous contractors in our region – accordingly, you don’t need to look for suppliers of consumables and spare parts, and any equipment. Searching and purchasing supplies is no longer your problem
  • We do residential, commercial, and industrial work.
  • We offer customized maintenance plans in place that are tailored to suit your unique needs best. Price of the commercial service contract will be calculated individually based on the estimate. The estimate is free. Call us for a preliminary assessment visit at (469) 224-0561 or send us an email at support@fusedfwelectric.com. Our friendly staff will be happy to explain everything.

What Advantages Do Fuse Membership Holders Have?

To purchase this service agreement and get your questions answered, contact us at (469) 224-0561 or send us an email at support@fusedfwelectric.com.

By practising proper HVAC maintenance, you’ll be able to save money, breathe safer and healthier air, and be comfortable indoors.

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